Boobieleached: A Trip to the Hot Springs!


Are you a fan of the anime “Bleach”? Then you would definitely enjoy this free parody porn game. The game features Ichido and his gang taking a trip to the hot springs to relax after intense and seemingly endless fighting. Ichido, Fukia, Chab, Guruyu, Whorihime, and Yorusluti partook on this one of a kind and rare chance of having a getaway vacation. While Chab and Guruyu heads to the tennis court and Whorihime and Fukia grab some bite, Ichido jumps straight to the hot springs to relieve his muscles, only to find Yorusluti in there, fully naked with her hairy pussy showing up. Horny and ready, Ichido asked her to massage her back. Of course, we know what happens next.

Date: June 12, 2019

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